63-year-old man assaulted for “transporting” beef in Surat


A 63-year-old man was whipped by a gathering of around four unidentified people on Sunday night in Pandesara region of city suspecting that the casualty was conveying dairy animals meat and cow body parts in a vehicle. Police booked four people for revolting on Monday.

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Ilyas Mohammad Chintamani, inhabitant of Chhota Udaipur in focal Gujarat, was whipped by the blamed after which he held up grumbling in Pandesara police headquarters. Chitamani endured minor whipping wounds on body parts and serious harm on one hand. After treatment he was released from doctor’s facility and his condition is out of risk, police educated.
Taking after grievance of Chintamani, police booked four people and endeavors are being made to distinguish them. Chintamani is driver of a firm that has contract to gather creature remains, generally bones, from waste accumulation focal point of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC). Subsequent to gathering the creature remains Chintamani was taking it to Chhota Udaipur to convey in an industry.
Chintamani ceased close Chikuwadi in Pandesara for some work when the gathering assaulted him suspecting that hamburger is being transported in the vehicle. “The complainant was assaulted by four people associating him with transporting hamburger. Endeavors are on to seize the assailants. Preparatory examination uncovered that there was no hamburger or stays of dairy animals species in the vehicle,” said N L Desai, police examiner, Pandesara.

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