More than 60000 people are living in Australia illegally


MORE than 64,000 individuals are living unlawfully in Australia. More than 66% of those, who came to Australia on legal visas and have outstayed, have been constantly living here for over two years.

Immigration authorities know about no less than one individual who has avoided them for around 40 years and they don’t know whether the individual is as yet alive.

Upwards of 20,000 of the 64,600 “unlawful non-residents” are accepted to be working, while the aggregate number of individuals living illegally in Australia on expired visas has expanded 6% compared and five years back. More than 70% are here on expired visitor visas, while student visas made up 15% of the overstayers and working occasion visas around 3%.

Malaysians were the most noticeably bad guilty parties for overstaying, as 9440 individuals from the southeast Asian country were here on expired visas as at June 30, as indicated by Immigration Department figures.

This was followed by China, with 6500 overstayers; there were 5710 unlawful non-natives from the US and 3680 individuals from the UK.