6 youngsters drowned in Sabarmati River


Palanpur: On Thursday rasload village of Sabakantha district thrusted into mourning on Raksha Bandhan day when six youngsters from the village drowned in Sabarmati river in Galteshwar. The fatalities, all aged between 20 and 21 years, were all studying in various colleges in the district.

 NGT report not scientific says AOL

HS Parmar, deputy mamlatdar, Prantij taluka has conveyed that, of the six, two go within the river to take bath. Though, they commencing drowning and four others went inside to save them. But, they were also pulled away into deep waters.

Fire brigade squads from Prantij and Himmatnagar towns hurried to Galteshwar and the bodies of the six youths were rolled out subsequent to nearly one hour of concentrated search. The departed were recognized as Yash Patel (20), Kamlesh Patel (20), Ankit Patel (21), Vikas Patel (21), Jayesh Patel (21) and Ketan Patel (20).

Yash was studying in the first year of Bachelor of Science (B Sc) in Talod college, while Jayesh was also a science undergraduate studying in Viravada college. Vikas was studying in a local Industrial Training Institute (ITI) and Ankit had freshly completed a course from ITI.

 Sources have also further conveyed that Yash and Jayesh were the only sons of their parents. Galteshwar, about 17 km from Prantij, is well-known for the Lord Shiva temple that is thronged by hundreds, especially in the on-going Shravan month.

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