6 Topics You Should Avoid At Your Arranged Marriage


Arranged marriage gatherings can be a significant harrowing background, particularly on the off chance that you have the entire more distant family sitting and viewing over you two. Additionally, initial introductions matter a ton. So to help you quiet down, we've have put down six points that you that you should totally avoid during your first meeting so things go off without a hitch.

1. Your past relationships:

This is one topic you need to steer clear of, especially if your family doesn't know about your past relationships. You can probably bring them up in your second meeting, but not on first sight.

2. Starting a family:

Discussing kids and how many you want or not want is an intimidating discussion for a first meeting.

3. The kind of wedding you want:

You may want a lavish wedding or simply a court marriage, but don't let this discussion be the centre of your meeting, because there are other important things to talk about. Save it for a later time.

4. Your drinking habits:

It's better that you don't discuss your drinking or partying habits with him just yet. Let him or them get to know you gradually! And if he "rejects" you on that basis, then quite frankly … he and his family can go to hell for judging you.

5. Living with parents:

Strictly not to be discussed in the first meeting. If you do bring this up, he might think you're too bossy. Get to know each other first and slowly reveal what your plans for life are.

6. Virginity:

No matter how open-minded our society is now, sex before marriage is still a taboo. So, it's always better to not discuss your virginity with your future partner, especially on the first date.