6 Soldiers died in Boko Haram Attack


An assault by Nigeria's Boko Haram terrorists against a Lake Chad armed force base kept an eye on by a hostile to extremist territorial constrain has left six Cameroonian warriors dead, a military source said on Tuesday.

"Boko Haram assaulted a base of the Mixed Multinational Force on the island of Darak (on Lake Chad) at around 2200 (2100 GMT)" on Monday, said the source, who requested that not be named. He said six officers had been slaughtered.

Boko Haram as often as possible go around the numerous islands of Lake Chad, which outskirts upper east Nigeria, the most distant north of Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

Non military personnel from a vigilante assemble working with security powers to battle Boko Haram attacks was likewise murdered, another security source said.

The psychological militant gathering, which is looking to force strict Islamic sharia law in Nigeria's for the most part Muslim north, has executed no less than 20,000 individuals and left more than 2.6 million destitute in its six-year rebellion.

Cameroon has combat the terrorist group since 2014 and has joined Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Benin in setting up a joint compel against Boko Haram.

The provincial counter-hostile has helped the Nigerian military retake swathes of domain from the radicals, yet the fear based oppressor aggregate still represents a security danger to regular citizens.

Additionally on Monday evening, a future suicide aircraft was shot dead before exploding her gadget as she sped on a motorbike towards a military barricade close to the Cameroonian bordertown of Kolofata.