6 months pregnant woman allowed by Supreme Court to abort over danger to life


A six-month pregnant lady in Kolkata has been permitted an abortion by the Supreme Court after doctors said her unborn infant had severe cardiac complications and could likewise endanger her life. The lady and her better half referred to “extreme anguish” in their request for permission to end the pregnancy.

The lady should abort her 25-week-old foetus “forthwith”, chose the two-judge seat, which accepted a report by a seven-member medical board.

The court-appointed board had detailed that the lady would suffer “severe mental injury” if the youngster was born. It additionally said the infant would need to go through different surgeries for its cardiac ailments.

“Keeping in view the report of the medical board, we are inclined to permit the prayer and direct medical termination of pregnancy,” said judges Dipak Misra and M Khanwilkar.

The law bans abortion beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy unless it is permitted by a court in specific circumstances, for example, a serious risk to either the baby or the mother. The lady said in her appeal that the “denial of her right to an abortion has caused her extreme anguish” and has forced her to proceed with her pregnancy in spite of knowing that her infant may not survive.

Prior this year, a 24-week pregnant lady in Maharashtra was permitted to abort her infant, which had a life-threatening condition.