6 home remedies to avoid Heat strokes and Lu


With increasing temperature, the heat is reaching at its highest peak. At this time, the highest risk occurs due to heat strokes. Many people suffer and get sick from heat stroke (Lu), but with some simple home remedies you can beat Lu.

The temperature is striking above 45 degrees in the Northern region. This scorching heat is making it difficult to come out of the house.  Such home remedies could be used to avoid Lu in this summer season.

  1. Soak Coriander leaves in the water and crush it thoroughly. Pour it and add a little sugar. This drink will keep you safe from Lu.
  2. Raw Mango Panna is considered to be the best way to get rid from heat strokes. Boil the raw mango, peel the skin and mash it off. Mix cold water in it and also add roasted cumin seeds, black salt and sugar. Drink this mixture; it will definitely help you to avoid Lu.
  3. Grind the seeds of tamarind and dissolve it in water. Filter it with cloth and add sugar to it. Drink is ready
  4. Keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Do drink a little water in a while. And yes don’t go out without feeding your stomach in this heat.
  5. Raw Onion is also helpful in preventing strokes. You can have onion in salad.
  6. Eat watermelon and cucumber in ample to save the body from dehydration. Also, have a glass of fruit juice daily.