6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Greek; 2 killed, 100 injured


KOS: A  earthquake of magnitude 6.7 hit Greek islands on Friday leading to the destruction of buildings and a port. As per the reports, nearly two people died and over 100 wounded, authorities stated.

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The strong earthquake majorly hit island of Kos as it is nearest to the epicentre and seemed to be the worst-hit. The city officials revealed that, the buildings got damaged and windows  got broken.

“The rest of the island has no problem. It’s only the main town that has a problem,” Kos Mayor Giorgos Kyritsis stated. “The buildings affected were mostly old, and were built before the earthquake building codes were introduced.” he added.

Giorgos Halkidios, Kos regional government official asserted that over 100 got wounded.

“Two or three of them are in serious condition and are in surgery,” he stated.

He stated that several people got wounded underneath the building.  Due to massive damage, Ferry services were deferred at Kos’s main port. Moreover, a minaret from an old mosque also was destroyed.

As per US Geological Sruvery, the earthquake was 6.5-magnitude. It was focused 10 kilometers south of Bodrum, Turkey, and 16 kilometers east-upper east of Kos with a profundity of 10 kilometers, as per the US Geological Survey.

As per Turkish calamity authorities, the seismic tremor had a size of 6.3, and more than 20 consequential convulsions have been recorded.

Esengul Civelek, legislative head of Mugla territory, said there were no setbacks as per introductory evaluations. She said “there were minor wounds because of dread and frenzy.”

In Bitez, a resort town around 6 kilometers west of Bodrum, the shake sent panicked inhabitants running into the avenues.

Lodging visitors quickly came back to their rooms to get their things however spent whatever is left of the night outside, with some utilizing sheets and pads acquired from close-by relax seats to manufacture alternative beds, as indicated by an AP journalist on the scene.

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Greece and Turkey lie in a particularly seismic tremor inclined zone.