6.5 magnitude strikes Indonesia


A devastating earthquake rattled Indonesia densely occupied Java Island on Friday night, 2 people have been killed and critically damaging dozens of residents.

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The tremors were felt across the island including the capital Jakarta, around 300 kms from epicenter.  The quake struck at a depth of 91 Km just outside the coastal town of Cipatujha on Java Island late Friday, the US Geological Survey said. Tremors were also felt in the areas of Bandung, more than 102.1 Kms away and Yogyakarta, more than 339.9 Kms away sources said.

Panicked crowd rushed out of the buildings in various areas and roads were jammed with cars and motorbikes as people were scared of tsunami occurrence near the coastal areas.

In many areas, hospitals were also damaged due to the quakes and patients had to be evacuated in a safer zone. The mishap lead to the death of 62- year old man and an 80- year old woman were killed in building collapses.

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Indonesia usually undergoes persistent volcanic and seismic movement due to its position on the pacific “Ring of Fire”, where usually tectonic plates collide and the area is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.