6.5 magnitude quake hits China’s Xinjiang region


BEIJING: On Friday night a powerful 6.5-magnitude quake shake mountainous area of far western China, with one person killed when a house distorted in a region often plagued with seismic activity.

 The US Geological Survey has also conveyed that, the vibration struck southern Xinjiang, a vast region bordering central Asia, at a relatively shallow depth of 12 kilometres (seven miles).

The earthquake hit near the Tajik border and some 170 kilometres west of the Chinese city of Kashgar. One villager died due to a house collapse whereas six buildings undergo damage in the sparsely-populated area, citing local authorities.

The National Disaster Management Authority has also further conveyed that, the Pakistani authorities said the quake had been felt in the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

There were no reports of injure there. The USGS conveyed only a relatively small area would have apparent the trembling to be strong.