6.4 magnitude earthquake jolts Indonesia’s Sumatra


Indonesian seismologists stated that, a strong earthquake of 6.4-magnitude strikes off the Indonesian island Sumatra on Sunday but there was no risk of tsunami risk.

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As per the United States Geological Survey, an earthquake strike at a depth of 35 kilometres (22 miles) at around 10:08 am (0308 GMT) 73 kilometres west of Bengkulu.

Mochammad Riyadi, an official at Indonesia’s meteorology and geophysics agency has conveyed that the strong and fellow quake felt all the way to Padang, West Sumatra, however there was no risk of a tsunami.

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Safety forces were checking if there were any casualties or damage. Bengkulu local resident Neng Hasnah conveyed that the earthquake felt very strong for a few seconds, forcing her and her family associates to run away from her house, and all the neighbors also flee outside their homes.

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Indonesia sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” where tectonic plates collide, sourcing frequent seismic and volcanic activity.

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