55-yr old Bangladeshi-American Imam, friend fatally shot in US


U.S.: A 55-yr old Bangladeshi-American Imam, friend fatally shot in USA 55-year old Bangladeshi-American Imam died alone with his assistant at a mosque. The shooting was done from point blank range by a lone gunman in broad daylight amid growing concerns across America over rising Islamophobic rhetoric.

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Police said Imam Maulama Akonjee, 55, and 64-year-old Thara Uddin were shot in the head as they cleared out the Al-Furqan Jame Masjid mosque in the Ozone Park area of Queens right away before 2 p.m. Both men were later claimed dead.

He furhter added that, "No rationale had been set up and there was no motivation to trust the men were shot since they were Muslim. No suspects were in authority late Saturday."

"There's nothing in the preparatory examination to demonstrate that they were focused on due to their confidence," said Deputy Inspector Henry Sautner of the New York Police Department.

Sautner said video observation demonstrated the casualties were come in from the other side by a man in a dull polo shirt and shorts who shot them and after that fled with the firearm still in his grasp.

The imam's little girl, Naima Akonjee, said her dad and Uddin were dear companions who dependably strolled together to the mosque from their homes on the same road.

Individuals from the Bangladeshi Muslim people group served by the mosque said they need the shootings to be dealt with as a scorn wrongdoing. More than 100 individuals went to a rally Saturday night and droned "We need equity!"

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a promotion bunch, held a news meeting close to the shooting scene, where Kobir Chowdhury, a pioneer at another neighborhood mosque, said, "Read my lips: This is a disdain wrongdoing" coordinated at Islam. "We are peace-adoring."

Naima Akonjee said her dad didn't "have any issues with anybody."

Sarah Sayeed, an individual from Mayor Bill de Blasio's staff, serves as a contact to Muslim people group. She went to the rally and said, "I comprehend the apprehension since I feel it myself. I comprehend the resentment. Be that as it may, it's critical to mount an exhaustive examination."

Individuals from the group had felt ill will recently, with individuals reviling while passing the mosque, said admirer Shahin Chowdhury. He said he had prompted individuals to be watchful strolling around, particularly when in customary garments.

He called the imam an "awesome individual" with a voice that made his Koran readings particularly convincing.

Admirer Millat Uddin said Akonjee had driven the mosque for around two years and was an extremely devout man.

"The people group's heart is completely broken," said Uddin, who is not identified with Thara Uddin. "It's an extraordinary hopelessness. It's an extraordinary misfortune to the group and it's an incredible misfortune to the general public."

Naima Akonjee, 28, one of the imam's seven youngsters, said she raced to her folks' home after the shooting.

She said her dad used to call her fair to determine the status of whether she had eaten legitimately. She'd let him know, "Why are you thinking about me?"

"What's more, he said, `If I'm not thinking about you, who will?"' she reviewed.

Neighbors likewise portrayed Uddin as a devout and keen man who asked five times each day and went to the mosque. While at home, they said he would water his greenery enclosure and one nearby.

"An exceptionally legit, astute man … (And) an extremely accommodating person," said neighbor Mohammed Uddin, who is not a connection of Thara Uddin's.

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