52-Year-Old sets Guinness World Record for most push ups in one hour


How’s this for #FitnessGoals? A 52-year-old man has set a world record after doing more than 2,500 push ups in one hour in Australia. 60 minutes video of his feat is on YouTube, think you have the stamina to watch the whole clip?

As per Guinness World Records, Carlton Williams initially achieved the fitness record for “Most push ups in 60 minutes (male)” in 2015 by doing 2,220 push ups. He reclaimed it this year by doing 2,682 push ups in a hour.

“I did it to prove I’m the best,” Mr Williams, a construction worker, said.

According to the rules, Mr Williams was required to keep his hands on the floor, while bringing down his body until the point that his elbows achieved a 90 degree angle for each push up to count towards the record. Alsoalthough he briefly stopped to rest and catch his breath between reps, the time did not stop at any point during his attempt.

Naturally, his impressive record has floored many.

“The mental and physical power of this dude is beyond unreal,” comments one individual on the YouTube video.

“Hmmmmm…What is more exhausting…Doing these push ups or watching this person doing them for 60 minutes,” jokes another