5 year old twin sisters died after being locked inside a hot car in Gurgaon


Locked in a hot car for more than two hours, five-year-old twin sisters died in Gurgaon close Delhi yesterday afternoon. The girls were spending their summer holiday with their grandparents, who live in the Pataudi area, in a town called Jamalpur. Their dad is in the army and posted in Meerut.

Harsha and Harishita were discovered unconscious in an old Hyundai car parked in the backyard of their grandparents’ home, in which they were regularly observed playing. They were announced dead in a private hospital.

There were signs that the girls had struggled to open the door, force the handle.

They were to come back with their parents to Meerut yesterday andin a few weeks, begin school.

Their relatives said they were locked inside the old Hyundai Elantra car accidentally; the car’s locks were defective and its windows couldn’t be moved down because of a malfunctioning lever.

When the family realized that they were missing, around 4 pm, everybody began searching frantically. The unused auto was among the first spots they checked.

“When my daughters were born, there was so much joy in the family. Both of them had been admitted to the Central School in Meerut. Everybody considered them as very promising, they were sharp and naughty,” the young ladies’ dad Govind Singh shared, weeping quietly.

“Once, they nearly climbed a thousand-volt pole.. Nobody realized that both would be gone…that my little girls would likewise leave this world together.”

Their uncle Kanwal Singh grieved, “Who realized that Harshita and Harsha, born together and always together, would go like this…?”

Mr Singh said his nieces were usually not permitted to sit in the car without supervision.

Their 18-year-old cousin, who might watch them, was out for a job yesterday, said the family.