5 Types Of Athleisure Wear For Sports Lovers


These days fitness consious people are getting very selective for their Athleisure wear. It has becoming a new favourite among the athletes especially those who go to gym. Not only athletes but the celebrities are opting for different style of athleisure wear so that they can look best while gyming. Athleisure wear not only increase the comfort quotient but also it increase the style pointer. Female are always make efforts to look best every time they go time, but today men are getting conscious to stay stylish and comfortable even while working out. Those days are gone when your clothes and shoes used to be basic.

This is the year where everything has it’s own aura even when it comes to sports. Either it is a normal jog or a fast run, today, everyone needs a good athleisure in terms of comfort and looks. Thus, here is a list of few athleisure wear so that you can go a notch higher while playing your favourite sport.

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Image result for men running1.Play With Your Joggers And T-shirts-

Start with a pair of slim fit street wear joggers so that your body can breathe properly. Their light weight results in less irritation and negligible scratches on the skin. Everyone needs this kind of outfit while training to fire up your routine. Go for materials like nylon and nycra. This athleisure wear style tends to emphasize the body with fitted silhouettes. Surely this will help in comfortable running with giving a stylish look.

Image result for athleisure wear2.Then Select The Right Pair For Your Feet-

A good run is not complete without a good pair of shoes. The running shoes plays a very important role in the process of running. It not only diminishes the impact of each step you take on your foot but also it cushion your feet upon heavy landing. Various shoe brands are very professional in the aspect of comfortable as well as stylish shoe manufacturing. One of these shoe brands is PUMA. It has focused on the crucial aspect of performance and comfort in its latest running shoes, ‘NETFIT’. They come up with different- different lacing patterns based on different foot types and running styles. NETFIT isn’t confined to running alone as you can also lace it up according to your style preference. So carry your shoes off as the new oomph factor and add them as an accessory in your wardrobe. Perhaps this one shoe provides various lacing styles.

Image result for athleisure wear shoes3.Try Different Types Of Lacing To Run Better-

After choosing the right type of shoe, the next factor to be considered is ‘Style’ and ‘Comfort’ while running. Therefore for this, you must know about the most important technique i.e. Lacing. Now you get it. You can customize your lacing by creating a support for different feet types and helping you get unmatched comfort on the run. NETFIT allows you both the  fashion and function factor. It’s upper mesh allows to lace up any way you want. So, boost your running performance as well as flaunt your infinite lace styles of your shoes.

Image result for running shoes with lace patterns4.Top It Off With A Smart Watch-

A smart watch is every man’s must have accessory while running or working out. If you love running as much as you loves to look sophisticated, you’ll need to keep a tab on your progress. Further it can be used a stylish accessory to show off to your friends.

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5.Put On Your Waterproof Jackets-

When it comes to weather aspect, the atleisure wear must be chose according to it. Don’t permit the weather keep you away from your favourite sport. Running in the light showers can proved to be the best because it not only leaves you charged up but also refreshed. Here is why a waterproof jacket is a must have in your wardrobe if you are a sport or athleisure fan. This piece of cloth you own makes you look good even when you aren’t on the track. Athleisure is loved by everyone as is not just science. You must think about looking good while being comfortable. Well, now you can stand out among the crowd by choosing your comfortable yet athleisure wear.

Image result for athleisure wear waterproof jacket