5 Things That Will Happen To You When You hit Your 30


When you are in your 20s, the progressions that everybody lets you know about are so far from your present reality. However, in any case, hormones and seniority can truly turn you around. Oddly enough, these progressions truly kick in the second you hit 30. It resembles some kind of all inclusive clock that you can't battle against. As a 30-year-old developed grown-up (simply joking, that is the one thing that never happens), here are the real things that I swore off – and I wager you did as well – however which I in the end wound up doing. What's more, you'll do it as well. 

1. You'll need an anti-ageing beauty routine

Deny it all you want, but worn-out skin and wrinkles come along with turning 30. So while you might be laughing at your 30-year-old friends, who follow a nighttime beauty routine, trust me, it's best to get a head start in your 20s.

2. You prefer sleeping in over meeting your friends

FOMO might be your mantra at the moment but as someone on this side of 30, let me tell you that there will be days when you will want to shut the world out and spend some quality time tucked in your blanket, with a book in hand. No, it's not uncool or being old … it's just life.

3. You'll need vitamins

You might be the epitome of "healthy" right now, and those medicine jars probably make you snigger, but post 30, you'll be a part of #TeamVitamin.

4. You won't be able to drink like a fish

Hangovers are no longer going to last a couple of hours. You are going to feel crappy for the entire weekend if you have a sangria too many on a relaxed Friday evening. So tread carefully.

5. You'll buy kale and avocado without being forced to

Hello, healthy living! Not just for your good skin, but you'll need kale, avocado and all the fancy stuff to survive the next decade. So don't be too surprised if you find yourself chucking out those potato chips to make way for fresh veggies. It's all a part of life … and growing up.