5-Storey Building Has A Road On Its Roof Top


On Chinese social media photographs of an unusual road have turned into a web sensation Why? Since the road is on the rooftop of a 5-story building.

In a fascinating thought on urban planning, a working in the bustling Chinese city of Chongqing has a two-path open street on its terrace, complete with trees coating the road and shops. The road runs the whole complex which is arranged in a hilly neighborhood and worked subterranean level. The ground floor of the building houses a few shops and whatever is left of the floors have a car parking.

Watch some more photographs of the engineering wonder.


What’s more, in case you’re stressed over the noise, special equipment blocks noise from vehicles on the road

Here’s a video of the road

The city of Chongqing has a populace of 8.5 million and the city has regularly taken an exceptional and in some cases strange way to deal with urban space administration. The city is acclaimed for its mind-boggling pedestrian bridges that go as high as 13 stories.

Chongqing is additionally home to the famous railway line that goes through a private building.