5 jobs that can offers travel the world


Not everyone likes to spend those 8 hours sitting in front of a computer within the walls of something called an “office”. And those who love to travel; something like this will always make them unhappy.

These five jobs offering you travel the world:

English teacher
ESLThe job profile is pretty effortless and can make you wonder as to how come it can make you travel. Well the truth is, the world is a big wide place and not every place has resident English language experts. Quite naturally, there are thousands of job opportunities for native English speaking individuals to teach the language in countries like Turkey, China, Thailand, Costa Rica and Japan, among plenty others. In fact, the demand is so high that you can stay in most parts of the world before you retire.

Flight attendant
flight-attendantAfter all, the job of a flight attendant is to fly to different parts of the world, and get paid for it. So, if you think that serving and helping flyers can bring you joy, then no job can be better for you. What you get in return is not only a handsome salary, but also a chance to leave your footprints in different parts of the world.

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Travel writer
Travel-Writing-This is one profession wherein the job profile demands you to be so good a traveler that you become capable enough to make the reader know about a place through your eyes. So, the better you experience a place, the better is the work you produce. Your workspace is the world out there–on one day you can be at a white-sand beach in Maldives and on the other, on the top of mountain. All you need is a laptop. Publications all over the world have a rising demand for those who can share their travel experiences and inspire more people to travel.

Scuba diving instructor
Scuba diving instructorscuba diving instructor is very good job for world travel. All you would need is to be an expert in this sport, get a few certifications, and then, you are all set to travel to some of the top beach destinations around the world and share the skill with fellow globetrotters.

Cruise ship worker
cruise-ship-workersIf you don’t get seasick, and like to travel, there can’t be a better job option for you. Give your service to the passengers and you are all set to travel the world in the lap of luxury. The most interesting part is, cruise ship workers even get time off to explore the port cities they stop in. So, you have it all in a great package–luxury at its best, the sea, new destinations and a decent pay.

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