5 Indian Movies That Dealt With The Sensitive Issue Of Marital Rape Before Release


7 Khoon Maaf (2011): Based on the Ruskin Bond’s book, ‘Sussana’s 7 husbands’,the film portrays Priyanka Chopra as an Anglo-Indian woman who gets married to Wasiullah Khan, who transforms into a sadomasochist when night falls.

Provoked (2006): The film starred Aishwarya Rai, plays the role of a Punjabi wife who is always subjected to domestic violence and marital rape by her husband until one day she puts his life on end and convicted by the court.

Daman (2001): In the film, Raveena Tandon played the role of  Durga who is raped by her husband too almost every alternate night. The actress also won a National Award for her marvelous performance in this movie.

Agnisakshi (1996): The film revolves around a woman who tries to escape from her abusive husband Nana Patekar who is nothing less than a psychopath and puts her through predicaments with little-to-no remorse.

Mehndi (1998): The story of the film is built around a woman who faces myriad atrocities in her marital home including marital rape. She then vows revenge against all of them and executes those as well.