5 Gifts to Introduce Your Dad to New Tech This Father’s Day



While many of you must have bought gifts or planned surprises for your favourite man, some may still be wondering about how to make this Father's Day even more memorable. So, if you are yet to buy that one special gift for your dad but are still unable to finalise one, here's some help.

While there are so many gift options to choose from, we suggest you to introduce your father to some new technology this Father's Day and help him keep up with the new generation. We bring you 5 tech gift ideas:

1. Video streaming service: If you think your your dad is an avid movie and/or TV series buff, what else could be better than gifting him something like an online streaming subscription (such as Netflix or HotStar)? He can have his own personally curated profile with a series of new movies/TV series that he can watch at his convenience. Netflix, for example, offers three plans – Basic, Standard, Premium – to choose from. You can pick any of them based on your dad's needs and your budget.

2. Smartwatch: Is your dad already tech-savvy? If yes, then it's time for you to upgrade him to a next level. Surprise him with a smartwatch and let him fiddle with it for hours. While there are so many smartwatches available, we recommend a Pebble.

3. Fitness band: A fitness band is not only an ideal gift for health-conscious dads, but is also a right gift option for those fathers who ignore health issues. If you think your dad is failing to pay attention to his health, make him wear this lightweight bracelet this Father's Day and let it do the rest. You can go for a Fitbit or a Jawbone.

4. Air purifier: If your father is a health fanatic and the polluted city air is something that he is not very happy with, how about giving him an air purifier that can help combat the polluted air indoors? Air purifiers are available from many companies including Panasonic, Kent, Philips, and Atlanta Healthcare.

5. Media streaming devices: If you find your dad comfortable with smartphones, it's time to help him take the smartphone experience to another level. Introduce him to a wireless streaming device such as Google Chromecast this Father's Day and let him learn this new-age tech. This can also topped up with a streaming subscription for better results.