48 year old IIT professor achieved 25th GD Birla Award for Scientific Research


48-year-old professor from IIT-Kanpur Sanjay Mittal has achieved the prestigious G D Birla Award for doing Scientific Research in 2016.

He was professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and has been chosen for his contribution in the area of Mechanics, the K K Birla Foundation said.

In the university, Mittal is being known for the contribution to the development of finite element algorithms for high-performance computing (HPS).

His major contribution was Bluff Body Flows. There are very few people in India who have worked on and used Finite Element Analysis for fluid flows, Mittal is among one of them.

Mittal made a great effort in the beginning of HPC facility which is funded by DST, at IIT-Kanpur. He was a B.Tech student from IIT-Kanpur and had completed his engineering in 1988 after which he got enrolled at University of Minnesota for MS programme.

Mittal has also been awarded the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology.

Moreover, G D Birla Award for Scientific Research, instituted in 1991, seeks to recognise Indian scientists aged below 50 living and working in India for their outstanding contribution to any branch of science and technology. It carries a cash prize of Rs 2.5 lakh.

The selection of the award is made by a board comprising eminent scientists