47-Year Old Ring Found, Couple Reunited with Their Lost Property


A Manhattan College graduate was celebrating his honeymoon on a beach in Cape Cod in Massachusetts when his class ring slipped off his finger and was washed away by the sea.

This incident happened almost half a century ago, in 1970. According to reports, the gift was a gift from his wife.This year in late July, Jim Wirth was sweeping the area of Cape Cod with a metal detector when he came across a gold ring.

“When I first got it out of the sand and rocks, it was very dark in colour and had a green crust,” said Mr. Wirth.He discovered that it was a 1969 college ring from Manhattan College when he cleaned up the ring at home.

“It had a full name inside, Patrick F. O’Hagan,” added Mr. Wirth.Then he researched on Google and came to find a book, a memoir of a family, named “The Book of Kehls”, written by Mr. O’Hagan’s wife, Christine.Mr. Wirth also said, “I knew I had the right person.”

Wirth when he came across a chapter in the memoir where Christine talks about falling in love with Patrick O’Hagan at Manhattan College. After knowing this he called up the couple and told him he had their ring.

“Oh my God. Oh my God you’re kidding, that’s what I said to him,” says Ms O’Hagan “I always looked for it; it was like a piece of our early years.”The cleaned up ring was finally returned to the couple which was a reunion 47 years in the making just a few days later.  All thanks to a stranger who returned the ring to the couple.