44-year-old Bridge Collapses In kangra, Himachal Pradesh Due To Heavy Rain



On Thursday, A 44 years of age Bridge was crumpled in Kangra area, Himachal Pradesh.A nearby person recorded a video in his phone. The recorded video demonstrates a vast part of a 44-year-old extension in Kangra breaking down because of substantial rain and escaping in the streaming waterway.

German inside priest to show new efforts to establish safety

As indicated by a report of the authorities said that ten columns supporting the scaffold were washed away because of overwhelming downpours.

There is no reports of death toll, on the grounds that the nearby organization had effectively shut the scaffold after splits showed up in the extension. The extension associated towns in Himachal Pradesh with those in Punjab and experience substantial activity development on ordinary days.The power took a brief response which turned away a major disaster This is the second episode of the breakdown of the scaffold in only two weeks. It demonstrates poor support of old extensions in the nation posturing grave risk to the workers.

In a week ago, A British period Bridge on Mumbai-Goa Highway was broke down and washed out in the streaming waterway because of substantial downpours. In this breakdown, two transport with the general population washed out in the streaming waterway and 14 were murdered.

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