43-yr-old Pakistani tourist goes missing in Delhi


New Delhi: Police officials have conveyed that, 43-year-old Pakistani tourist has gone missing from hotel room at Delhi. Police officer has also further conveyed that, on 22 July mohammad salim had arrived here in a cluster of 140 Pakistanis. The group was staying at hotels in Central Delhi's Nabi Karim area.

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A day previous to their departure on July 27, when the companions of Salim went to take him for a preceding bus ride of the city, he was established missing from his hotel. Afterward, the hotel staff knowledgeable police. It was established that Salim went missing along with his belongings. Police has also further conveyed that, a case was registered in this gaze and a manhunt has been introduce to trace him.

Apart from Delhi Police, central agencies were also founding for him due to his mysterious disappearance just at a time when security in the national capital has been grumbled up due to the Independence Day celebrations. According to a senior police officer, the police is also looking for the persons with whom Salim was in touch after coming to Delhi. Police officials has also further conveyed adding that, salim was said to be a resident of Lahore where he ran a grocery shop.

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