4-year-old girl is literally blown away as she opens front door in heavy winds


This is the dramatic minute a young lady was truly overwhelmed as she opened her front entryway amid a tempest.

Madison Gardner was left sticking to the entryway handle as she was impressed her by an immense blast of wind.

The four-year-old was discovered on CCTV running up to the front strides of her home in Lyndhurst, Ohio on Wednesday.

As she opens the entryway, a gigantic blast of wind passes the adolescent over her feet and beyond anyone’s ability to see, as yet sticking to the handle.

Mum Brittany Gardner can be heard panting before going to help her little girl

Gratefully, little Madison wasn’t harmed and saw the amusing side.

“She is absolutely OK,” said her mum. “She was terrified at to begin with, then was giggling without end at it. She hung on until I took her off the handle.”

Brittany posted the video via web-based networking media, set facetious to Frank Sinatra’s ‘Come Fly with Me’.

The clasp has been seen right around 100,000 circumstances on the web.