4 Homeless Actors who became most affluent Hollywood Stars


Daniel Craig: This James Bond in his early days not only waited tables but also slept on park benches at times.


Sylvester Stallone: he might be successful and world known today but during 1970s, he was homeless at times as he struggled to get roles. He had to sold his dog just to buy food! He went from rags to riches through immense hard-work.

Halle Berry: In 1987, at age 21, she was down to her last penny in the big New York City! But Today she is a Beauty queen, model, and producer, the Emmy Award–winning actress and 2002 Academy Award  winning best actress.

Hilary Swank: After separation of her parents This actress moved in LA with her mother, where they made their home in a car has they had money issues. Through her immense hard-work and talent, Swank got a better living for herself and her Momie!