4 GST-related bills cleared, New tax regime from July


While four legislations -Central GST, Integrated GST, Union Territory GST and the Compensation Bill -need to be enacted by the Centre, every state legislature needs to enact the State GST law.

A week ago, all the draft bills were cleared by the GST Council, which contains Union and state fund serves and is vested with forces to choose all issues identified with the new tax collection administration.

“The entry of these four GST-related bills will make ready for the greatest change in the territory of circuitous expenses ever. The Union government has taken up the execution of GST with most extreme need and has passed the enactments on a most optimized plan of attack premise as it was pending for over 10 years,” the fund service said in an announcement.

Apart from doing away with a plethora of indirect taxes and cesses by merging them into a single levy. GST would mitigate cascading or double taxation and pave the way for a common national market. Some studies have estimated that GST will boost GDP by 1-2%.