39 repatriated Ghanaians to fly back to Saudi today


Around thirty nine female explorers are relied upon to fly back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after they were repatriated by the powers for ridiculing Hajj rules.

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Per Saudi Arabia rules, female pioneers under age 40 must be joins by a male relative while going on the journey; yet the 39 including nine minors were sent back home in light of the fact that they had no male relation.

Communications Director of the National Hajj Committee Alhassan Suhuyini told Citi News, they are attempting to guarantee the explorers do a reversal to Saudi Arabia to finish the customs. "We are working with the Saudi Arabian Embassy here in Ghana and the Immigration authorities so they can come back with the flight that will leave Tuesday morning,'' he expressed. 39 female travelers from Ghana were repatriated from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for different "offenses.

" Of the 39, nine were minors, while the others, under 40 years, were repatriated for not being without male gatekeepers. "This is a direct result of the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; they don't expect female pioneers who are beneath forty years to enter the nation for Hajj purposes unaccompanied so on the off chance that you are under 40 years, you need a watchman and your gatekeeper could be your significant other, sibling, cousin, or any family relative however there are times that in view of our flight plans and now and again the way toward obtaining visas, individuals don't run together with their watchman," Suhuyini clarified. 

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