39 missing Indians in Iraq not found yet, investigation on


NEW DELHI:  The abduction of nearly 39 Indian construction workers from Mosul three years back leftovers doubtful regardless of the government having told last week that they might still be living.

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Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj talked with the family of the workers and stated that the government had got information that they were possibly in a prison at Badush near Mosul.

“An official who quoted intelligence sources told Gen Singh that they were deployed for a hospital construction and then in a farm. From there, they were sent to a jail in Badush. There has been no information since then,” Swaraj stated.

MoS V K Singh had gone to Erbil to find out the missing Indians straight away following news occurred that Mosul had been unchained by IS. On Saturday, MEA did not respond to reports that the Badush jail no longer continues.

Over this matter, BJP president Amit Shah stated, “The government is not misleading anybody. The search is on.”

“We really have no information about what really happened to them. The border between Iraq and Syria was open for long and it is possible that the captives might have been transferred to IS-controlled areas in Syria,” stated Al Issa.

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Al Issa asserted, His government is lending a hand to Indian authorities over the matter. The workers might come back next week after the meeting of Iraqi foreign minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Sushma Swaraj from July 24-28.