35-yr-old Delhi scrap dealer commits suicide : Demonetisation Effect


A 35-year-old scrap merchant  committed suicide purportedly by swinging from a roof fan at his home in Delhi’s Mustafabad zone on Thursday night. The perished, distinguished as Mohammed Shakeel, was apparently disappointed in light of the fact that he couldn’t  exchange  old notes worth Rs 5,000. . He had to pay instalments of two loans as well.

Shakeel’s family said that he went to banks early morning, trusting his turn would come. But he came back each night disappointed. The incident was accounted for at around midnight 12 am on Thursday night when Shakeel was discovered swinging from the ceiling fan of his room  by his 12-year-child in Mustafabad in Gokulpuri, police said.

Shakeel returned home at around 6.30 pm subsequent to dinner he went to sleep in his room. His son wokeup at around midnight and discovered his dad swinging from the roof fan. As indicated by preparatory examination, it gave the idea that Shakeel was paying off debtors and should pay back cash to a few people. He made the extraordinary stride consequently, police said.

Notwithstanding, his relatives said that Shakeel was baffled with remaining in long lines outside banks for as far back as three days to pull back new money notes however he couldn’t recover the money to pay his obligations.

“No suicide note was recovered from Shakeel’s possession. We have initiated investigation under Section 174 of the CrPC (Inquest Proceedings). Further probe is on,” Deputy Commissioner of police AK Singla said.

Shakeel  survived  by his better half and kids, police said.