32-year-old Tarak Biswas was arrested for posting anti-Islam comments on social media


KOLKATA: Tarak Biswas, 32, a self-broadcasted nonbeliever from Kolkata, routinely reprimanded all religions on online networking. Generally his compositions would bring out irate responses and lead to a warmed level headed discussion – all in the namelessness and security of the web. Be that as it may, a week ago, after he re-posted an investigate of Islam from another site on Facebook, he wound up in prison.

The police captured Mr Biswas on September 16, under different segments of the Information Technology Act, for offending  and posting hostile messages on the web. His family however says he is being focused by the individuals who don't concur with his convictions.

"Tarak is a nonbeliever. He has his own conviction. He has routinely reprimanded all religions. Why ought to a post on Islam – which was generally a repost, and not unique – be considered so hostile?" his senior sibling Moloy Biswas told Media .He likewise charged that the police appeared to be in scramble while making the capture. At the point when Tarak was displayed in court on September 17, he purportedly did not have a legal counselor to contend his case.

Presently the Association for Protection of Democratic Rights – which manages human rights infringement – has offered to help Mr Biswas. The Association's legal counselors will contend for safeguard when the court hears his allure on September 29.

The Biswas' are not fortunate. Mr Biswas runs a little market in Kalyani close Kolkata. At home his young child can't comprehend why his dad is correctional facility for posting another person's words on online networking.Be that as it may, the complainant, Wasim Akhtar, asserted that the posts were a stage too far."Not just has he (Tarak) composed hostile remarks, he has additionally labeled and posted materials from a questionable site. I will present to this under the steady gaze of the court as the posts could trigger mutual inconvenience in front of Dugra Puja and Muharram," said Mr Akthar's legal counselor Mohammad Arif.

While tolerating that Mr Biswas' post was hostile, Basudev Mukherjee of the Association for Protection of Democratic Rights said: "We don't bolster what he said, yet we will guard his entitlement to say it."