31st October, A Film Based On The Aftermath Of The Indira Gandhi Assassination


31st October, a film in light of the outcome of the Indira Gandhi death, has at long last been green-lit by the Revising Committee of the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) after a fourmonth hold up. The assuaged maker, Harry Sachdeva, concedes that he needed to make a few changes however without influencing the credibility of the true to life projection. “It took time but we were eventually able to convince the censor board to retain the scenes which brought out the realism of the story and which were important to the narrative.There’s a reason for bringing this subject to the screen and justice needs to be done to the subject,” he argues
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Talking about the progressions he needed to make, Sachdeva advises that a significant number of the scenes delineating savagery and slaughter must be altered.”I took nine major cuts. The censors insisted that some of the scenes and dialogue could instigate a particular community so needed to be toned down. The Revising Committee made us re-submit the film several times, trimming down scenes that they had issues with by sixseven minutes. All verbal abuses have been beeped, even something as common as `saala’ on several instance,” he sighs. The film is set in Delhi in 1984.Since the capital city has changed a considerable measure subsequent to our previous Prime Minister’s death by her two Sikh bodyguards on October 31, 1984, they reproduced Delhi in a town in Ludhiana. The political thriller highlights Soha Ali Khan who plays a startled Sikh lady who alongside her better half Vir Das, twin children and a one-yeardaughter, dashes from one end of Delhi to the next on that pivotal day. Vir prepared in real life for four-five months and Soha learnt Punjabi for her part.

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