31 companies blacklisted from IIT campus placements


The panel responsible for campus hiring across all the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the country has blacklisted 31 companies and banned them from recruiting freshers for a year after a flurry of complaints in opposition to the firms.

The All IITs Placement Committee (AIPC) pull the blacklist on August 14, but the names were released after IIT-Bombay exposed on Thursday nine of these companies that were banned from campus recruitments. Most of these firms are startups.

The convener of the committee, Prof Kaustubha Mohanty, said the exercise is a precaution taken in the interest of students in all the 23 IITs of the country.

The start-ups, including home healthcare services provider Portea Medical, restaurant search and review website Zomato and online baby clothes and products company Hopscotch, were barred for a year from the IIT placement season.

“We have blacklisted 31 companies for playing with the career of our students,” said Kaustubha Mohanty, coordinator of the All IIT Placement Committee (AIPC). “Collectively, we wanted to send a strong message to the companies, especially the start-ups who come to campus and then dishonour their promise…”

The companies were blacklisted for revoking job offers made in the last placement season; delayed the joining date of recruits from IITs; made offers in the name of one employer when they had actually hired them for an affiliate. Some recruiters were found to be fake.

This is the first time that IITs have come up with a formal list of recruiters they have blacklisted.

After the one-year ban, should the companies wish to attend IIT campus placements, they would have to first write to the AIPC convener and explain why they had dishonoured previous promises, Mohanty said in an email.

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“Then they need to come and give a presentation and have a one-to-one discussion with all AIPC members,” said Mohanty, who is a professor at IIT-Guwahati.

In the last placement season, around 140 IIT students were affected by these firms going back on their promise, he said.

The blacklisted companies were identified as Zettata, Nowfloats, ConsultLane, Zimply, Peppertap, Portea Medical, Babajobs, GPSK, Hopscotch, SmartTrak Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd, Crayon Data India Pvt. Ltd, Glow Homes Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Tescra Software Pvt. Ltd (Rockon), Grofers, Tenova India Pvt. Ltd, Verity Knowledge Solutions, Excellence Tech, Stayzilla, Roadrunnr, LexInnova Technologies, LeGarde Burnett Group, Johnson Electric (Japan), Mera Hunar, Fundamental Education, CashCare Technology, Holamed, Indus Insights, Clicklabs, Grabhouse, Medd and Zomato.

"Around 135 students from across IITs were affected due to the last-minute revoking of offers by these startups. A majority of the startups that we are blacklisting this year are those that had revoked their offers from institutes in Mumbai, Kharagpur and Roorkee. These institutes have more students registering for campus placements compared with other institutes and, therefore, more students were affected," said a senior professor from the All-India Placement Committee (AIPC).

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