30,000 Chickens Culled in Germany


German powers say a flock of 30,000 chickens has been annihilated in the northern condition of Schleswig-Holstein after a strain of bird flu was detected in their enclosure.

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The creatures were killed Sunday and Monday as a precautionary measure to attempt to contain the H5N8 strain of the infection, which can undoubtedly spread among winged animals however is not known to contaminate people.

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The state on Monday reported new defensive measures, including requesting uncommon defensive garments to be worn in slows down, and the total cleaning and purification of all vehicles used to transport poultry.

In front of the Christmas season with popularity for goose, duck and chicken, ranchers are worried about the effect of a flare-up.

Cases have been accounted for as of late somewhere else in Europe, including Switzerland, Austria and Hungary.

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