30-yr-old man murdered with throat slit, two detained


Today police officials have conveyed that, a 30-year-old man was originated murdered with his throat slit in the DDA Park in Gandh Vihar.  Today Shiv Kumari (45) and Mohammad Wasir were detained from their house in association with the murder of Rahul whose body was establish in the DDA Park in Gandhi Vihar, conveyed DCP(north) Madhur Verma.

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The police officier have also further conveyed that, after examination, it was establish that Rahul had met Shiv Kumari in February this year at a school where he drove a bus while she was a teacher. The two supposedly got close.  In Delhi Rahul had also a friend Mohammad Wasir who used to work as a loader with a cold drink distributor company.

 The officier have also further conveyed that, however Rahul, Wasir also came in contact with Shiv Kumari.  Afterward, Rahul alleged that Shiv Kumari was cheating on him and growing close to Wasir. He endangered Wasir and commended him to stay away from Kumari.  Irked by Rahul's interference, Kumari met Wasir and they supposedly planned to murder him. They also required the help of a local goon Ganja of Old Delhi Railway station to perform their plan. 

As per the plan Rahul was invited by Shiv Kumari to convene her at the Gandhi Vihar park where Ganja and Wasir were previously waiting for him. He has also further conveyed that, they allegedly caught hold of him and Wasir used the string of his track pant to strangulate Rahul who lost consciousness. His throat was slit by Wasir using a knife.  Further investigation in the murder is on.

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