30-yr-old man dies as he knocked down by tempo


NEW DELHI: Early on Wednesday a 30-year-old man was hit by a goods carrying three-wheeler in west Delhi's Subhash Nagar. He was deceitful by the roadside for more than an hour previous to being rushed to a hospital where he was affirmed "brought dead". The entire occurrence was captured in CCTV footage, which founds the man on foot on one side of the road.

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The cargo hauler arrived from back in a zigzag manner, bangs him down and drags him for some distance. The accused, apparently drunk, steps out of the vehicle, verifies the man and flees without raising an alarm. More than 20 people may have passed by but nobody bothers to notify the police. What is more shocking is that a rickshaw-puller stops by and takes away his mobile phone paying little concentration to his condition.

The police has also further conveyed that the victim, Matibul, was from West Bengal. He used to work as a safety guard at an office in Subhash Nagar. He was returning home when the misfortune took place around 5.30am. The police claim they were knowledgeable around 6.40am by a passerby subsequent to he establish Matibul deceitful in a pool of blood.

Pushpender Kumar, DCP west has also further conveyed that, the man was hit by a pacing tempo following which the driver fled the scene. He had continued critical injuries on his face and neck and was bleeding from forehead. It is probable that the locals did not notice him or they may have taken him for a drunkard or a vagabond. Kumar conveyed that a case of causing death due to carelessness has been registered.

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