This 3-Yr Old Have Powers Like Bajrangbali, See Pics


An interesting and shocking incident has come to limelight from Sangam Nagari. There is 3-yr old boy who has a tail in his back. The surprising thing about his tail is that it is growing with his age. The people have started calling him “Bajrangbali” and believing him as Lord. Several people visit this village to see him. As per doctors, the boy is suffering from Hormonal problem.

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This 3-yr old boy belongs from kukadi village in Kondhiyara area of ​​Allahabad. This boy has become internet sensation due to his supernatural powers. He is popular by name Krishna. He was born on October 2, 2014.

The family took decision after some time when he gets little older to remove that portion which turned into tail later. As he grew up, the size of tail increased and his family members took him to doctor and consulted him about his problem.

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Dr. UB Singh stated that this kind of problem occurred due to hormonal issue.  It does not get noticed in anybody soon, nor is it dangerous. It will be operated by cutting that portion from the body.