More than 3 Million Daimler diesel vehicles recalled in Europe


It would seem that German automobile organizations are treading on risky grounds. After Volkswagen Group’s misdoings with regards to its diesel motor emissions became visible in 2015, Stuttgart-based Daimler AG or Mercedes-Benz specifically is currently being blamed for using a defeat gadget in the car to reduce emissions while testing. The organization is already under investigation by German Transport authorities and in the midst of this, it has voluntarily recalled over 3 million diesel vehicles for an engine service. Mercedes-Benz has said that it will cost the organization around $255 million. All the servicing will be carried out free of charge for the clients. Mercedes-Benz autos will undergo further testing for emission levels.

“The measures to be taken for about all EU5 and EU6 vehicles in Europe will be carried out in close cooperation with the German regulatory authorities. The organization is investing around 220 million euros. The service actions involve no expenses for the clients. The implementation of the measures will be beginning in the next weeks. Because of the large number of vehicles this will continue over a longer period of time. “In this way, Daimler is making a significant contribution to the reduction of nitrogen-oxide emissions from diesel vehicles in European inner cities,” it said in an announcement.

German investigators suspect that Daimler vehicles are using a defeat gadget similar to the ones utilized by Volkswagen cars, 2015 where the organization admitted to utilizing the gadget on more than 11 million vehicles. How the defeat device works in the cars is that it runs the emissions treatment system at a higher setting when it detects the vehicle  seems to be undergoing regulatory testing.