3 Killed After Rjasthan Lawmaker’s Son allegedly Rams BMW Into Auto


A speeding BMW, allegedly driven by a Rajasthan legislator’s son, rammed an auto-rickshaw and a police van.

Jaipur : Three people have died and six injured after a car allegedly driven by the son of a Rajasthan legislator rammed an auto-rickshaw and police van in Jaipur.  

The incident took place around 2 am on Saturday when a speeding BMW rammed the vehicles parked by the road, police said.

Rejecting the charges, Siddharth Mehria, 20, son of independent legislator from Sikar, Nand Kishore Mehria, has said that it was his driver not him who was driving the car at the time of incident.

“The whole thing happened because the rain no lights on the road and the auto was cross the road at a great speed. the right side of my vehicle banged into the right wheel of the auto and then my car hit the police van,” Siddharth Mehria said.

The badly mangled chassis of the BMW and that all four airbags were deployed however suggested a much more violent crash.

“That was probably because my driver got confused between brake and accelerator in the panic,” Mr Mehria said.

Policemen who were present on the scene in the van also said the politician’s son was at the wheel when the accident happened.

A police officer also said that Mr Mehria appeared to have been drunk at the time. “We will send his blood sample to the forensic lab to verify,” he said.

Speaking to a media person, a relative of one of the victims said, “We are very poor people. My nephew was the only child. He was coming back from the shop where he works.”