3 Easy Tips For Strong, Shiny & Healthy Hair



  1. Vitamins


Help your eating routine with dietary supplements. They will give your hair the vitamins it needs, similar to B vitamins, which help fortify your hair and nails. You can likewise discover these hair fortifying vitamins in your refrigerator through foods such as liver, oily fish and eggs.

  1. Massage


Did you know the roots of your hair are nourished by capillaries that convey oxygen and supplements? Animating the circulation (which backs off with age) will help make roots of your hair strong . You can entertain yourself with a scalp rub by an expert, or attempt it at home! This Massage  with help in making your hair thick and solid from roots!


4 Steps to do a Hair Massage at Home:

Simply tilt your head forward and down

Warm the scruff of the neck with the palm of your hand to urge blood stream to this range

Massage from the scruff upward to enhance flow

Brushing your hair with your head tilted forward and down will likewise animate blood stream.

  1. Protection

Heat  is the foe of hair. In any case, now there are numerous items you can use to shield your hair from styling tools. Attempt Pantene’s warmth protectants for both fine hair and typical to thick hair. Additionally, avoid from showering with excessively boiling hot water, since it harms the roots. Rather, interchange amongst warm and cool water — this will stimulate circulation. Complete with a cool water rinse for additional shine.