3 Dogs enjoying a Scooter ride in delhi, this video Brighten up your Day


If there was ever a video that deserved the ‘It happens just in India’ tag – this is it. A cute video of a man riding his scooter with a puppy sitting in front, even as two other puppies ride pillion, is currently making individuals chuckle on social media. 23-year-old Kahaan Baxi, who caught the unusual sight, says it happened close to the intersection of ITO and Vikas Marg in Delhi. The video has left many marvelling the pooches and their excellent balancing skills.

“We were headed towards Kalkaji on Tuesday evening, at around 6.15 pm, when we saw this man,” says Mr Baxi to media.

His video has been seen more than 28,000 on Facebook times since it was shared on July 4.

It appears, however, that this unidentified man and his pets are quite the regular feature on Delhi streets. On a Facebook group called ‘Dogs Day Out’, where the video was reposted, individuals have approached to say that they have seen him before also.

“I see this sardar ji all the time. Each morning he drives with his pets from Laxmi nagar flyover towards I.T.O bridge.for last numerous years (sic)” writes one user.

“It’s a very rare sight on the road and I think I have seen him before on NH 24,” says another, posting a photo of the dogs with their owner.

While many have commented on the video saying that it’s amazing, some have expressed concerns of it being risky.

While one commenter writes that they loved it, another calls it, “Interesting but risky.”

If the looks on the dogs’ faces is anything to go by, however, they look like they’re having a great time.