3 Cows left Stranded on Tiny ‘Island’ after an earthquake strikes New Zealand  


After an Earthquake shook New Zealand’s South Island three cows were left stranded on a tiny patch of land early on Monday.

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The 7.8-extent shake and its ensuing consequential convulsions executed no less than two individuals, while avalanches slice off access toward the eastern town of Kaikoura, according to the media reports.

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The two grown-ups and one calf wonderfully survived the avalanches close Kaikoura, as per the media reports. Yet, as helicopter footage appears, the creatures are currently marooned on a little land island that shaped after the encompassing enclosure given way.

It’s not yet clear whom the cows have a place with, whether they were a piece of a bigger crowd that was cleared away, or how crisis teams plan to save them.

“The need of the police is to ensure all human lives are protected despite everything we have to represent every one of them yet,” the nearby police office said, as per the media reports. “Meanwhile it’s all involved deck, and if agriculturists and crisis benefits together can get to these bovines, they will positively endeavor to save them.”

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