3 bike borne assailants looted Rs. 21.30 Lakh From Grameen Bank in Bihar


Three bike borne aggressors today plundered Rs. 21.30 lakh, out of which 20.10 lakh in old money, from a Grameen Bank in Bihar's Gaya area.

The criminals decamped with the cash after holding branch manager of the Madhya Bihar Grameen Bank at weapon point.

Out of the plundered amount, just Rs. 1.20 lakh were in new currency notes while the rest of the amount, Rs. 20.10 lakh, was in demonetised notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000, Gaya deputy superintendent of police Alok Kumar Singh said.

The three entered the Pandey Parsama branch of Grameen Bank and plundered the cash from the branch manager.

Aside from branch supervisor, there were just two clients inside the branch at the time of incident, he said.

The thieves then got away from the scene, the deputy superintendent of police said, including that police are investigating the incident.

Senior superintendent of police Garima Mallick, additional superintendent of police Balram Kumar Choudhary alongside Singh and other officials have reached the spot.