3 arrested for trafficking woman, attacking her


Madhya Pradesh police has captured three people from Dewas region for purchasing a lady for Rs 70,000 and attacking her.

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Supposedly, one Rahul Shetty purchased the lady, an inhabitant of Amravati, five years back from a pimp for Rs 70,000.

The lady was 15-year-old when she was trafficked.

As indicated by Khategaon police headquarters incharge Tehzeeb Qazi, Rahul has houses in Dewas and Khategaon where he had kept the lady prisoner since five years amid which she was seriously attacked.

In the mean time, the lady, by one means or another, figured out how to come to the Khategaon police headquarters and clarify the entire matter.

Amid examination, the lady uncovered that she was controlled hormone infusions taking after which she was trafficked.

Following up on the protestation, the police have captured Rahul, his dad and the pimp's child Imran.

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