28-year-old Chennai Model Gaanam Nair Missing Since Friday


A Chennai based model Gaanam Nair has been mislaid since Friday. The investigation is in process by the police officials. Her friends and family members have posted ads in local newspapers to collect information.

She was marketing manager at a salon and had expressed herself on Facebook as a photographer and “model at times”. She used to live along with his relatives. Her father is native in Delhi and her mother lost their live few years back.

On Friday, Ms Nair left her home for work on her two-wheeler but did not arrive at her office. When her family members called up on her phone, her phone was found off.

Ms Nair was known as Jikki Padhoo in her fake account.

28 yr old model even shared a post about a lover on Facebook and wrote, “A tear moves down, from both our eyes, in the meantime. My lips trembling, crying, I’m attempting to set you up, pulling myself up. Be that as it may, I surrender the following moment. You slap me. You slap me crying, urgent, ‘Get up Gaanam, get up.”

“We comprehend she had marriage related issues with her family and had some medical problems too,” specialist said.

Her dad affirmed, “I’m racing to Chennai. I might converse with you not long after subsequent to arriving in Chennai”.