23-yr-old woman kills two daughters at Odisha


Sambalpur: The incident happened on Friday when a 23-year-old woman allegedly killed her two daughters at Bamra. The case has been filed at Gobindpur police station.

The accused allegedly murdered her two daughters, 4-year-old and another who was 2-month-old. After killing, she puts both of them in the water tank in the government quarter in which they were residing.

The incident came into limelight when Baijayanti was attempting suicide on the railway track in Bamra after killing her two daughters.

The residents of the town informed police about the incident. The police investigated the matter which revealed that she had killed her two daughters.

“Preliminary investigation reveals that family dispute is the reason behind the incident. However, we are investigating into the incident,” said inspector-in-charge of Gobindpur police station Dheeraj Chopdar.