23- yr old man died due to power failure of elevator


Chennai: A 23-yr old man died in an elevator of apartment complex in Snowcarpet on Wednesday. The incident took place due to power failure.

The reports revealed that he tried to come out of an elevator but couldn’t as the lift stopped between two floors.

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The name of the victim has been identified as Abhishek.

At Around 10.30am, he came out of his flat on the fifth floor of Roop Vatika Apartments on Perumal Koil Garden Street. He was headed to the family-run electrical goods store, police said.

“There was a power outage at the complex and he decided to take the stairs. As he was climbing down, the power resumed. He got into the elevator and was going down when the power again failed and the elevator stopped between the fifth and fourth floors”, sources said.

“Abhishek opened the sliding door to lower himself to the fourth floor landing through the gap, when he slipped and fell down. He landed on the ground floor with a thud, Tola Chand, a relative said.

After his relatives got to know about the incident, they took him to the neaby private hospital where doctors declared him dead.

A team of police officials also gathered at that time when incident happened. The probe is in process.

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Moreover, the case have been registered under CrPC section 174.

Police said, Abishek could have plunged down at least 30 metres.

A few residents of the complex said Abishek was a quiet person who hardly mingled with anyone. Others blamed the frequent power cuts in the area, both during the day and night, for his death.

"Many of us never used the elevator because of the power fluctuations. We were scared it would stop in the middle," said Pramod, an uncle of the deceased youth.

Others said, “There was a generator at the complex but it was never switched on.”

“Abhishek had been living with his parents Ganpath and Santhosh on the top floor of the five-storey building that comprised 10 apartments,” residents told police.