23 Arrests In Crackdown On Bulgarian Border Corruption


Twenty-three customs officers and businesspeople have been captured in a test into corruption at a noteworthy checkpoint on Bulgaria’s fringe with Greece, prosecutors said on Wednesday.

The examination focusses on charged kickbacks by Bulgarian transport firms to give trucks a chance to go through the Kulata outskirt point without a check.

Police done 83 strikes on the homes of traditions workplaces and transport firms in Kulata and Sofia, and seized 63,000 leva ($36,000, 32,000 euros) in cash, the representative of people in general prosecutor’s office, Rumiana Arnaoudova, said.

The operation, propelled on Tuesday, prompted a six-kilometer (three-mile) half back of trucks and transports.

The Bulgarian experts have been entangled in a years-in length push to stamp out graft, pirating, smuggling, tax fraud and human trafficking at the country’s border posts.