22 year old Woman thrown off from train in Maharashtra


Mumbai: The incident took place on Thursday in Kalyan when 22 yr-old woman was throqwn off  a running train. The woman was thrown off by a man when she was stoping her to enter in the women’s coach.

A woman was taken to the hospital soon after the incident happened.

The happening occurred on the “Gorakhpur Express” at 7.30 pm when the train stopped at Kalyan station.

According to the GRP, the accused, Dinesh Yadav, tried to enter the compartment in which the victim, Rekha Nawale, was travelling with her mother.

“The victim told Yadav not to enter the compartment, but he refused. The argument soon turned into a fight and once the train began to move, Yadav pushed Nawale out of the train between Kalyan and Thakurli,” said Rupali Ambure, Deputy Commissioner of Police, GRP (CR).

Victim, Rekha Nawale has been proclaimed out of danger by doctors, while Yadav was arrested and taken into custody by the police till Monday.