2016 Hyundai Elantra Review



  • The 2016 Hyundai Elantra gets significant overhaul over its forerunner
  • The 2016 Elantra gets the all-new 2.0-liter Nu petrol motor
  • Hyundai arrangements to offer 350-400 units of the all new Elantra consistently

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I was never a big fan of Superman motion pictures; it was very fake for me however Man Of Steel got a better than average and convincing story as well as another point of view. In addition, it kept to its underlying foundations and that is to a great degree troublesome; however yet the executive figured out how to cruise through without a hitch. Auto producers too have a comparative obligation on their heads; however who can pull this off well is the thing that remaining parts to be seen. Hyundai has stepped in this bearing with the all-new Elantra.

In its sixth era now, the Elantra enters a portion, which hasn't generally been on the radar of purchasers, considering the movement of inclination to SUVs. Yet, we're happy, Hyundai hasn't lost trust and presented another era auto, in this section; and, it results in these present circumstances portion with unobtrusive desires. Hyundai arrangements to offer 350-400 units of the auto a month and well that is a decent begin. We've adored the fifth era of the auto, which was dispatched in India and was most likely attractive; yet the new one appears as though it came to fruition, after a geometry class in school.

I say this because all you can see are shapes. How about we begin with the "hexagonal" front grille, the parallel lines as an afterthought, the intense point formed mist light lodging, the 'kind of' crossing lines on the cap lastly the polygon-molded LED tail lights. That is sufficiently proof, I figure; yet with each one of those adjustments clinched, the 2016 Elantra looks strong and rigid and that is in accordance with the new age. There is a liberal measurement of chrome all around, right from the grille to the entryway handles; however it isn't overcompensated. The body embracing shape of the headlamps has been demonstrated the entryway and the Elantra comes stuffed in with new LED DRLs, flanked by HID projector lights and this gives the car its own character. The inclining rooftop coordinates into the boot cover and gives the auto a roadster like shape, which is exceptionally invigorating in this section.

What is additionally invigorating is the new 2.0-liter Nu petrol motor. It's all new and we've been tingling to get our hands on this one. The four barrel, 16 valve motor accompanies double variable valve timing and is fit for producing 150bhp, that is 3.4bhp more than its antecedent. The torque figure too has gone up by 14.5Nm and now remains at 192Nm, which makes it more capable than the 1.8-liter engine. The force is exchanged to the wheels by means of a 6-speed programmed or a 6-speed manual transmission, yet we got behind the 6-speed torque convertor.

This gearbox gets a manual mode as well, much the same as the active Elantra; yet now you can pick the modes to your loving. The 2016 Elantra now gets an Eco and Sport mode, which rolls out minor improvements, in the way power is conveyed to the wheels. The engine revs rapidly, however the apparatus changes don't react to speedy increasing speed. The execution is lively and you can see the

riggings changing at near 2200rpm, in the Eco mode. Connect with game and the apparatuses change above 3500rpm and after that you hear the engine vrooming, however you don't see this deciphering into any activity. It's a cruiser and however captivating it into the manual mode makes things all the more including, it's about loose execution, in this one, which is the reason it doesn't coordinate up to any semblance of the Skoda Octavia or the Chevrolet Cruze (which is just accessible in diesel)

Hyundai claims that the new, all the more capable petrol motor returns a mileage of 14.62 kmpl, which makes it hardly more proficient than the 1.8-liter engine. You can thank the tires as well, for this. The size continues as before – 205/60 R16; yet on Hankook Kinergy tires, there is a decent measure of footing and additionally low moving resistance.

Enter the lodge and it's strikingly flawless. You can't resist the urge to notice how the whole dash is exceptionally driver situated. It resembles sitting in a cockpit, an inclination duplicated from the Cruze. There's dark leatherette upholstery, while the dash gets a silver covering, which discovers progression on the front entryways too. There's a 8-inch touchscreen infotainment framework and no, it's not been grabbed from the Creta.

The UI has been improved essentially and there's a greater screen as well, which makes the lodge of the Elantra a significant extravagant hollow. There's satellite route (MapMyIndia) and in addition both Android Auto and Apple Car Play. There's a really bustling 3-talked guiding wheel, which accompanies controls for the sound, Bluetooth, voyage control and the trek PC. There are no unpleasant edges on the dash board, it's fresh and exceptionally premium. The delicate touch plastic to the dashboard is a decent touch as well and overflows polish.

Adding to the element rundown is the double zone atmosphere control, which now accompanies a Sync capacities; and, obviously, who can overlook the ventilated front seats. Mind you, it's the main sub-20 lakh auto to accompany one. Hyundai has additionally pressed the Elantra with a 10-way customizable force seat, which unfortunately does not accompany a memory capacity (are we expecting excessively!). There's additionally an against squeeze sunroof on offer. Likewise, there's a considerable measure of space for the travelers. There's great under thigh support in advance and at the back and the suspension settings on the Elantra make long separation a breeze.

The hydraulic rebound stopper in the rear suspension takes all the undulations on the road in its stride and you aren't thrown around at the back, a feeling you usually got in its predecessor. It's incredible to see Hyundai going toward enhancing the ride and taking care of on its autos and we were informed this is only the starting and the center has now changed to making the ride a quality one and taking care of elements better. The suspension was on the firmer side and the body roll to a great degree very much controlled, which is a major stride over the past gen. The controlling wheel is light and needs feel at lower speeds; in any case, push down the throttle and there's a better than average measure of weight to it.

So as well, Hyundai has endeavored to abridge the NVH levels on the auto and it appears. There's little motor and tire commotion that advances into the lodge and that is a joy, truly! On the wellbeing front, driver and traveler airbags and ABS with EBD come part as standard hardware. Be that as it may, in the highest point of-the-line models, you gain Electronic Stability Power, Hill-begin help Control, Vehicle Stability administration and in addition side and blind airbags.

Trust Hyundai to blend the hornets' home with forceful estimating and with the 2016 Elantra, that is precisely what it has done. The base petrol variation of the new Elantra is estimated at 12.99 lakh and goes the distance to 17.99 lakh for the programmed. The diesel line-up reaches from 14.75 lakh to 19.19 lakh. Hyundai has figured out how to undermine every one of its adversaries by a nice edge and the costs, however early on, won't change before the end of this current year. Thus, much the same as the motion picture then, the new Elantra is a major change, which may likewise give this fragment the genuinely necessary support.

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